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New Muslim Circle

The aim and objective of the circle is help facilitate a support service for new Muslims who embraced Islam, and also help deal with common questions from our non-Muslim friends.

At present, the circle is organised on weekly basis (Saturday) by Zia Rahman, assisted by his colleagues Abdullah Al Maymoon, Aslam Uddin and Mahmood Ali.

The circle is broken into two segments; first part involves providing one to one support to participants.  An example may include teaching new Muslims how to perform the 5 daily prayers. As for a non-Muslim visitor, the beliefs and pillars of Islam is discussed together with answering questions.

The second half consists of the imam of the Mosque delivering a short lecture on various topics within Islam, for example, purpose and benefits of fasting. Overall, it is a very open environment for anyone to attend, a service catered both for men and women, regardless of faith/background/age etc. If you would like to attend please see dates, time and venue below:

• Men’s Circle: Every Saturday, 2pm-5pm, Room 204, 2nd Floor
• Ladies Circle: Every Saturday, 2pm-4.30pm, ELM Womens Gallery

 East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre, 82-92 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JX



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