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Forbidden Times of Prayer (salaah)

There are three times in the day when one is forbidden to offer any prayers, even make up prayers which are actually considered invalid if offered at these times.

·         when the sun rises up until it is above the horizon by the length of a spear (about twenty minutes after sun rise),

·         when the sun is at its highest point (15mins before Zhur time enters)

·         and when the sun turns dull in radiance such that one can look at it until it sets (about twenty minutes to half an hour before sun set).

Other notes to this….

A prostration for Quranic recital (sajda al-tilawah) for a verse of prostration that is recited within these three times is permissible to be offered in these three times though it is somewhat disliked (makruh tanzihan).

One is also forbidden from offering supererogatory (optional) prayers in the time after praying the Morning Prayer until sunrise and after praying the afternoon prayer until sunset. One is permitted, however, in these times, to offer any number of make up prayers that one wishes (THIS BIT SOUNDS CONTRADICTORY) and to offer prostrations for Quranic recital.

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