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Tawheed - The Oneness of Allah

Tawheed - Singling out in worship: 'the sole creator', 'the Lord of humankind', 'the Creator of all creation', Allah, the Self-Sufficient, the all-Powerful.

Who is Allah and Why Worship Him Alone?

The oneness of the Creator! Islam is the only true monotheistic way of life in which the creator is worshipped alone without any form of intercessor.

Who is Your Creator?       

  • An important concept that points to the reality and nature of the One true Creator.
  • Through research, contemplations and equipped with the right knowledge, one may find that they are indebted to the Original Creator and are in need of worshipping Him.
  • Seeking help and thanking the One who made us all.
  • Furthermore worshipping that sole Creator upon the way prescribed by His Prophets and Messengers.

Knowing our Creator by His Names and Attributes       

Left on their own, people can conclude that a Creator exists, but cannot come to a completely correct understanding of what Attributes this Creator possesses. They will tend to either conjure up an image of the Creator which resembles a created being, or will reduce the Creator to being an imaginary, being-less force.

Allah mentions 99 names and attributes in the Quran which help erase this confusion and help us to understand who Allah is.

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